Why Choose Selwood Pumps?

engineer monitoring mining siteA Selwood pump is a good investment for businesses in the environmental, water, mining and construction industries. Selwood pumps set a benchmark for quality, efficiency and reliability. The company also has an array of pumps suited for several applications, making the product highly versatile.

Here are some features of benefits of Selwood pumps, and why you should invest in them.


Selwood pumps set a standard for pumping solutions. Whether you need just a bare shaft, a close coupled-pump or the complete unit, Selwood products are flexible to meet your needs. Their range of pumps can be used in several applications, ranging from solids handling, water and wastewater, emergency flood response, ground stabilisation and piling and even oil spill recovery and pollution control.


Selwood pumps are high-quality, durable, and user-friendly. Selwood’s diesel pumps are fully portable and self-contained, making them reliable, highly efficient and able to work in isolated sites. They are also well known in the industry for being low-maintenance and able to minimise noise. Selwood pumps come equipped with ‘Super Silent’ canopies that serve as protective enclosures and silencers to reduce operating noise.

Proven durability

Selwood pumps are proven to be long-lasting and highly durable. In 2017 Sanepar, a Brazilian wastewater company conducted a pump flow test using a 17-year-old Seltorque S150 pump.

Despite the machine’s age and the fact it had not been used for a considerable length of time, the S150 pump passed the test with flying colours. The machine matched its advertised specifications: a total head of 27m, maximum solids size of 100mm and a maximum pump speed of 1800rpm.

Selwood pumps are a worthy investment for any business, as they are renowned the world over for their quality, longevity and reliability. Your company will benefit much from a high-quality Selwood pump; these machines will not let you down.