Uses, Formulation and Effectiveness of Modern Synthetic Detergents

Man holding a bucket of cleaning materialsSynthetic detergents are quite promising in whitening old pillowcases, cleaning oil spills, and in making bathroom tiles look spotless again. Household cleaning products contain detergents of varied chemical content, but the basic composition is the same.

Today, the concentrated solution you are using in the laundry room is a lot different from detergents used in American homes 20 years ago.

The need for synthetic cleaning products

The development of modern commercial-grade laundry detergent a product offered by firms such as BC Industrial Services, LLC – took inspiration from the need to find solutions for the shortage in natural oils and other raw materials, as well as to minimize advantages of using soap with hard water.

The magnesium and calcium ions in hard water make traditional soaps less effective as cleansing agents. Synthetic cleaning products can overcome this effect without a problem.

Composition and advantages of synthetic leaning solutions

The three main categories of synthetic detergents consist of petrochemicals mostly. The use of petrochemicals is the alternative solution for the shortage of vegetable oils. Some products are still derived from oleochemicals (fats and oils).

One or more surfactants imbue detergents with cleansing action. Engineered surfactants provide targeted solutions; such that detergents work equally well in varying water temperatures, pH levels, and mineral content of water.

The strong cleansing action of synthetics allows effective removal of dirt in acidic solutions – of which traditional soaps were found wanting.

Deep cleansing for protection

When you purchase a cleaning solution, take the time to read the label and determine its particular use. Some products offer all-purpose cleaning, while others are more specific in terms of outcomes. One of the main advantages of using synthetic detergents is their ability to neutralize potentially harmful microorganisms.

Some people are exposed to pathogens and harmful viruses and bacteria more than others, which may adhere to clothing and cause illness when inhaled or ingested. These detergents are formulated to remove these organisms.

Nevertheless, detergents made with synthetic compounds come with their own risk. Always read the label for safety instructions and follow precautions to the letter.