Think Before You Dig: Excavation Process You Should Follow By the Book

Excavation Procedure in WhangareiExcavation is usually an extremely rough job.

But, earthworks specialists in Whangarei also say that digging is a technical and delicate operation.

If you simply consider the dangers of moving rocks from one quarry to another, the chances of accidents are high. You can never assume that any excavation task will be a safe, routine job.

Here are some basic guidelines to bear in mind when undertaking construction excavation tasks responsibly.

Manner of Handling

Compared to other industries, there is a lot of freedom over how you can undertake construction tasks once you have all your certifications. But, you always have to keep in mind that the manner in which you do things can have serious consequences, affecting more than just your reputation. Excavating accidents can cause serious injuries and can severely impact on project fulfilment dates. So, these tasks should only be undertaken if you are physically fit to perform them and are suitably qualified,

Protective Measures

To prevent costly accidents from happening, it’s a good idea to set up effective countermeasures beforehand. Place construction bollards, barriers, and proper warning signs in the vicinity of any work that is being carried out on a public highway. This will keep pedestrians away and will alert oncoming traffic to the potential dangers near your excavation routes.


Even if you don’t cause any accidents, your project may still run into difficulty if you can’t meet the fulfilment time. The contractor should come up with a buffer schedule to allow you to function efficiently without compromising safety and project success.

Health and Safety

Apart from ensuring the on-time delivery of excavated materials, you also need to understand the nature of the items you carry. Some might be hazardous, therefore you should ensure that you have sufficient safety measures in place to be able to safely deliver the items.

In summary, start each day by reviewing these points, to ensure you complete your tasks to the highest standard.