The Fabulous Shopper’s Guide: Where Should You Shop in HK?

ShoppingShopping — the national pastime of locals and tourists in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong serves as the shopping mecca of anyone who enjoys good finds at affordable prices. Millions of visitors annually drop by this shopper’s haven due to its numerous markets, malls and well-stocked boutiques.

If you are itching for a shopping trip, a visit to Hong Kong is worth your while. Any sensible shopper should not miss this shopping haven. After you pack your bags, book into one of Hong Kong’s small hotels and settle in, it’s time to ready your shoes for an unending shopping trip.

Clueless on where you should start? Here are some of Hong Kong’s must-see shopping places:

Tsim Sha Tsui and Harbour City

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the country’s flourishing shopping districts and recreational areas. The district is the concentration of all shopping malls, stores and restaurants. A number of international brands also group on the streets, especially in Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard.

On the other hand, Harbour City is famous for being Hong Kong’s largest multipurpose shopping mall, which covers most of Canton Road in Kowloon. It has five parts: Ocean Terminal, the Pacific Club Kowloon, Ocean Centre, the Gateway and Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel.

Harbour City offers numerous designer boutiques such as Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Versace.

Jade Market

If you love jewellery and accessories, the Jade Market is your next stop. Located at the intersection of Battery and Kansu streets in Kowloon, this district offers stalls filled with jade items. Tourists must visit the district with a jade expert to avoid counterfeit items.

Stalls commonly sell jade accessories, which include rings, bangles, earrings and pendants. You might also come across odd finds for your souvenirs.

Admiralty, Central and SOHO

Along the East coast of Hong Kong lie the neighbourhoods of Admiralty, Central and SOHO. With glamorous and fully-stocked malls and boutiques, shoppers would get their sport done. This shopping neighbourhood also serves as the major concentration of high-fashion luxury goods.

Hong Kong is every shopper’s paradise, especially if you know where to go. So, ready your feet for an all-day shopping bonanza at Asia’s shopping mecca.