Teen Garden Birthday Party Ideas for Literature Fans

Book Lover's Birthday PartyMany teenagers fall in love with actors, singers and superstars. Some fall in love with books. For a wonderful twist for their birthday parties, turn to the novel Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Oscar Wilde’s short story of ‘The Selfish Giant’ or Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Emperor and the Nightingale’. Here’s how you can apply these ideas to a young booklover’s birthday.

Choose a Venue

Find a venue that offers a courtyard or a garden area. However, your party area doesn’t have to be an actual garden. Regattahotel.com.au recommends selecting a Brisbane venue where you can recreate your chosen book’s familiar scenes. Decorate the area to look like a garden, complete with floral and arboreal scenes as backdrops.

Invitations and Giveaways

Be creative with your invitations and giveaways, but don’t spend too much on them. Include the novel covers or character illustrations in your invitations. You can choose to hand out souvenirs with famous lines from the selected novel.

For games, select prizes that are related to the book. And you may also request people to give gifts with wrappers of the same theme.

Themed Party Elements

Choose background music that goes well with the overall theme. Request the guests to follow the theme for their outfits, then choose and award a winning costume. Find food and drink choices that fit the theme. For a party inspired by Alice in Wonderland, why not have a tea party? Do the same for the games and other activities.

Make sure you ask for the celebrant’s ideas . They know details of the book they love. Having them join in the planning stage will encourage them to enjoy their teenage years and upcoming birthday.