Overcoming Hummingbird: Ranking Factors in Today’s SEO

google hummingbirdGoogle surprised the search marketing landscape with a new algorithm. Its Hummingbird update aims to provide precise and fast results for conversational search. This means better focus on the meaning behind the words, rather than just finding matches for the keywords in a search query. The algorithm takes the entire sentence or the meaning of the conversation into account so it can provide better results for search users.

With Google Hummingbird comes the different ranking factors that can affect how the search engine yields results. Here are some ranking factors that experienced private label SEO resellers need to remain updated with the search landscape:

Page Authority

Page Authority determines a webpage’s performance in Google search results. In Moz.com’s latest survey, this metric correlates higher than any other used in the search landscape. Unlike other SEO metrics, though, Page Authority can be hard to influence directly when it comes to ranking. This can also best work with Domain Authority when determining the sites or pages with more insightful link profiles. This puts forward the importance of structuring a site for enhanced user experience.

Anchor Text Correlations

Google has taken down sites with over-optimized anchor texts with its Penguin update, but this doesn’t mean they play a less significant role. In fact, anchor text correlations cover a big set as ranking factors. The secret to this is using a diverse set of keywords with brand terms. Combining relevant linking domains with anchor texts can help private label SEO vendors build a good link profile that adds to ranking factors.

Social Signals

Social signals have as much power in correlation as Page Authority does. This is especially true now once conversational search becomes standard in queries. Twitter mentions, Google+ references, and Facebook shares help build brand presence, which, in turn, converts signals to ranking factors. This goes to show that Google puts value in human engagement across social platforms.

Adapting to Change

The search landscape continues to shift from the traditional metrics with these new ranking factors. SEO vendors should have a grasp of their niche to keep up with the changes. It also pays to focus more on creating effective SEO strategies to overcome any changes in the search landscape.