Mind Blowing: The Six Interesting Facts About Bull Riding

Man riding a bull

While it’s a thrill to watch the bull riders getting bucked off, bull riding is a dangerous sport. It’s no wonder it’s referred to as “the riskiest eight seconds in sports.”

If you want to participate in bull riding, A.A. Callister says some of the mandatory equipment you will need include a bull riding helmet, gloves, boots and a padded protective vest to protect yourself from injuries. This article shares some interesting facts about bull riding to prepare you for the sport.

1. A qualified ride is eight seconds. As a rider, you are considered as having qualified if you stay on top of the bucking bull for eight seconds. The timer stops counting the moment you touch the ground.

2. Red Rock is the name of the bull believed to be the hardest bucking bull ridden. In the 80s, this bull dislodged 300 or more riders.

3. Scoring a bull is done differently from scoring the rider. While the rider is qualified on his ability to stay atop of the bucking bull, a bull gets scores based on how difficult he is to ride.

4. How scoring is done. Usually, there are two judges; each has 25 points to give. The riders’ expertise is calculated based on how he rides while putting into consideration the bulls’ resistance and bucking. The more the bull spins, gets in the air, changes directions, the more points the riders gets.

5. Cowboys make a real living from professional bull riding. Professional bull riding (PBR) is becoming pretty big. More and more sponsorships are getting into the sport. Silvano Alves, a PBR world champion has in the last three years won $3.2 million. In the US, a rider can make $30,000- $40,000 every weekend.

6. Originally, the roping contest was a practice done cowboys who held cattle for doctoring.

Now you have some facts to impress your friends if the discussion about America’s fastest growing sport comes up.

Bull riding can be an exciting activity if you are prepared. So it’s best to always equip yourself with the right gears to ensure safety.