Many Benefits Unique to Temp Work

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The number of Kiwis attracted to temporary assignments is on the rise. Although the lack of guaranteed continuous work isn’t for everybody, Quinn Recruitment noted that many individuals enjoy the unique advantages of temp work in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand.

Why seek temporary jobs? Here are some of their benefits:

Learning New Skills

Temp assignments offer many opportunities for skill development. You can beef up your CV and portfolio by gaining sufficient experience in different roles from different industries. It would expand your background, expose you to new fields and diversify your skill set.

Some may argue that you would end up being a Jack-Of-All-Trades and a master of none, but that isn’t always the case. You can always focus on one area of expertise doing temp assignments. If you throw yourself into each role, you can be competent in every one of them.

Moreover, the chance to explore new horizons is something permanent workers don’t get. Without promotion, an individual might waste years without professional growth.

Broadening Your Network

In most cases, you would meet new people on every assignment. Establish positive business relationships with all of them, and you would easily have a long Rolodex of professionals. It may not be now, but you might use your large network for future job opportunities.

Enjoying a Flexible Schedule

Many temps love the control they have over their work-life balance. If you can choose your assignments, you can better fix your calendar to avoid conflicts with your newfound flexibility.

Receiving a Higher Hourly Rate

Best of all, many temporary workers are attracted by the prospect of earning more money. Unlike permanent roles at the same level, temp positions don’t come with the usual benefits, such as personal and sick leave and bonuses. As a result, temps get a higher hourly rate as compensation.

Despite these amazing advantages, exercise your due diligence to ensure temp work is the right path for you. Besides, working with a reliable recruitment agency can still provide you employment security with its close connections with local companies.