Living Vertically: Reasons Condos are becoming a Trend

As the population in urban areas becomes denser, the land prices in major cities also go sky-high. Compared to houses, condominiums in the Philippines are relatively affordable. This is the main reason besides expats, more and more locals prefer to rent a condo than to buy a house.

condominium building

Read on to know why condos are becoming popular among many.

Maintenance and Amenities

Because condos are compact and well laid-out, they’re easier to maintain compared to a house. If you’re looking for condominiums here in the country, there are many affordable units to choose from. Fabulous condos for rent in Makati may be a bit more pricier (the place being the Central Business District of Manila), but the maintenance and amenities are all worth it: exquisite lobbies, swimming pools, high-speed elevators, gym, and other amenities for your enjoyment.

Beautiful View

Living in a high-rise residence lets you appreciate the beauty of the city set against a blue sky. Depending on the location, you might even have a view of the ever famous Manila Bay and the mountain ranges of Rizal.


Condominium buildings provide 24/7 security. Condos have CCTV cameras installed in different areas to monitor the movement and traffic. Security guards ensure safety of its residents by making sure that the entry and exit of guests are properly checked.

Prime Location

Many condos in the Philippines are located in prime locations such as Makati, Taguig, Pasig, and Alabang. Most properties are close to places of employment, malls, dining centers, and even embassies.

Condominiums may not be a place where you can build an herb garden, but it can be also a place you can call home, without the hassles of maintenance and renovations now and then.