Jazzing Up Your Flat: 4 Unique Wall Ideas to Raise Your Game

Decoration Painting in WallGone are the days when the mere mention of the words “bachelor pad” conjures up messy rooms with rubbish strewn about the floor. Pads these days are sleek and have a touch of sophistication.

One of the best ways to decorate your walls is with the use of great artwork. Who needs a great view when you can customise your walls? With online shops such as http://ecanvasprints.com.au, you can buy canvas prints and not have to worry about expensive wall furnishings.

Here are 4 unique ideas for your wall that will help up your game gain a notch or two:

1. Cityscapes

There is nothing that can compare to the fast pace that comes with living in the big city. Adorn your walls with canvas prints of all the best features that Sydney has to offer. This way, you can let a little of the outside world seep into the comfort of your home.

2. Landscapes

Are you yearning for a simpler country life, even while living in the big city? You need not hop on the next train just to get a feel of the countryside. You can titillate your visual senses by using landscape designs for your wall prints.

3. Romantic Imagery

What better way to tickle her fancy than by letting her know what a romantic you are deep inside? Whether it is a mesmerising portrayal of lovers walking on the beach, or graceful images of human art, you are sure to raise your cool factor when the ladies see your softer side.

4. Contemporary Artwork

Raise the level of sophistication with a dose of contemporary art. You don’t even need to splurge on rather expensive paintings. All you need are some really good designs on canvass that you can put up. Your pad will look classier and much more inviting this way.

Let messy images about bachelor’s pads be a misconception of the past. Amp up the creativity and class by adding life to your walls. With these unique ideas, you are sure to make your pad a cut above the rest.


  1. Been considering this for a quite a while now but it’s also expensive! If only I had an artist friend who could paint a mural on my walls, that would be really nice too.

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