How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

A Beautiful GardenPlenty of homeowners would like to have a low maintenance garden, either due to preference or necessity. Although all gardens do require routine maintenance, having a low maintenance garden would help in significantly reducing gardening tasks.

Below are some ideas for a low maintenance garden so you could spend less time mulching, mowing, and weeding, and more time using your garden:

  • Make your lawn smaller or get rid of it altogether. Having less lawn space to maintain equals less time reseeding, weeding, mowing, and fertilizing. Or you could opt for an outdoor space with no lawn at all.
  • Build outdoor living spaces. Increase your living area and entertainment options during pleasant weather with outdoor lounging spaces and dining areas. Decks, patios, and terraces reduce lawn and planting space that require maintenance.
  • Select plants that are perfect for you area. While choosing the right plants might take some effort, it could save you more money, time, and maintenance effort in the long term says a top custom landscaper in Salt Lake City. Also, if you don’t have the time to prune your plants, skip the wisteria, climbing roses, or the like, as these could easily get out of hand if not pruned regularly. Instead, select plants that are indigenous to your area and similar climates, since these would require little care to flourish.
  • Opt for perennials for a dose of color. Skip the yearly bedding plants, which fade following a specific season and opt for hardy perennials that would give your garden color all year round. Also, the majority of perennials provide more pollinators than bedding plants.
  • Mulch away. Mulch is undoubtedly one of the perfect timesavers when it comes to maintenance. Not only does it suppress the growth of weeds, but it also reduces water loss, and easily breaks down, which helps in improving the texture of the soil. Likewise, spreading some bark or wood chip mulch over your planting beds would make them look properly maintained without much effort.

Using the guidelines mentioned above, you too could create an abundant and beautiful garden that only requires a couple of hours to maintain every week or every month in the off-season. These low maintenance approaches would significantly make gardening easier for you and increase your enjoyment.