Give Your Home A Decided Edge With One Simple Conversion

Modern style bedroom interior with room divider separating it from the rest of the lofMany people are unaware of the benefits that come with converting their unused space into a liveable space. Such a conversion improves the quality of life in addition to increasing the value of the property.

As the family grows, most people often look for ways to create additional space in the home, explains a loft conversion service pro from Pro Renovations Bromley Lofts. Naturally, most people look towards building an extension but this is not always the best cause of action. While it gets you an additional living space, an extension eats up your yard not mention that it costs you quite a bundle. Instead of expanding outwards, you should consider going upwards by converting your loft into a usable space.

A wide variety of options

With the help of an expert, you can turn the loft into a custom space necessary to meet your specific needs. You can create an extra bedroom or two with en-suite bathrooms and balance out your home. You can also turn it into a home office, play den for your growing kids, a teenage den, whatever strikes your fancy.

If your loft meets the minimum head height of 2.3 meters, the conversion process will be a cakewalk. A basic rooflight conversion is likely to set you back about £1,350 per square metre while a dormer conversion comes to £1,450. Typically, the existing space, roof structure and the alterations necessary to create an entrance determine the total cost of the conversion.

Increased home value

Recent reports indicate that a loft conversion is the best way to boost the value of your home. Adding a double bedroom with an en-suite bathroom to a three-bedroom, one bath house increases the value by up to 20 percent. Property buyers will readily pay for extra space as it leads to better quality accommodation in the home.

Such a conversion often results in a bigger house in a location with similar sized houses, which gives you an upper hand when selling. The loft is often the most underutilized space in the home. With the help of an expert, you can transform it into a usable space and increase the value of the home.