Fundamental Skills Every Gentleman Should Know

Transportation in AustraliaThe proper Australian bloke, whether he hails from Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or any other sunny side of the land down under, is expected to have a good basic skillset. Stereotypes aside, there are some things every man is expected to know like how to iron a shirt, build a fire, hunt, or whatnot.

There are many things, but here are a good three.


The first man did not survive on microwaveable meals. He survived by hunting animals in the wilderness and cooking them. Cooking, or sourcing, managing and preparing food is by itself a survival skill and should be a fundamental man-skill. Cooking does not by any means emasculate a man, it in fact reinforces his value as one who can provide not only for himself, but for others. It also helps attract women.

So if you know your way around the kitchen, good for you. If not, better start practicing. You can start with the basic cookery shows on TV, or go ask your mum about it.


Not exactly a fundamental, but a great added bonus. With technology today, personal transportation such as an automobile is not so rare anymore. A lot of Australians have cars of their own today, and with it comes knowing how to drive. Knowing how to drive takes off your dependence on public transportation, or your mate’s car – basically another way to providing for yourself.

If you are on your way to learning how to drive, it will also do you good to know the basics of servicing your car. Knowing how to service your car is the complementary skill of knowing how to drive. If you are still lacking on this side, you can always call on the services of auto wreckers, such as JTW Autoparts, who can help fix up your ride for you.

Do the Laundry

Can you imagine a grown man having others do his laundry for him? The thought of having someone else wash a man’s used underwear is just crude, especially for someone who calls himself a gentleman. While dry-cleaning and laundry services do exist to do the job for you, this does not mean you will completely avoid learning the chore.

As a man, part of providing for yourself and others is knowing how to take care of your own belongings – clothes included. Besides, it is your clothes you wear to go to work, on dates, and other social events. So what you use is in your hands. Learn to do your laundry, and perhaps no one else has to know about that stain you made the other night.

In conclusion, you should always try to learn skills that help build you up as a proper gentleman. The three skills above are only a few of the others out there. Explore others, and keep building up your resume.