Exterior Wall Cladding: Improving Home Appeal with Palliside Cladding

wall claddingExternal wall cladding has a range of practical uses and applications for your home, with the most notable being a layer of protection against the elements. Aside from protecting the outside walls of your house from the debilitating effects of water damage and sunlight, it is also an affordable way to improve its curb appeal.

Compared to whitewashing walls, cladding is a more permanent solution that lasts a long time, and is ideal for Australia’s harsh climate.

Improving home appeal

PeterBracey.com.au notes that while most external house cladding is made of brick, timber and PVC, they are now usually composed of a combination of different materials due to the growing demand of cladding that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Palliside cladding is the most popular, is one of the most durable types, surpassing both vinyl and aluminium in handling the harsh climate of Sydney.

This type has a visually appealing side, and facades that feature different variations of Palliside cladding is growing in popularity as a more contemporary design. It not only helps makes the exteriors of the house stand out, the different colourations and designs help break away from the monotony of plain white expanses.

Superior resistance

Evolving trends in wall cladding have led to the availability of wide range of materials as well as installation methods. High performance finishes are now necessary to ascertain the structural integrity of the cladding material, retain colour, and resist the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Installing these products is also easier now and many prefinished cladding are readily available and easy to purchase. These come in different designs, which give you the option to choose among which one suits the exterior walls of your house best.

Although there are a myriad of different cladding types, Palliside Cladding still stands out as one of the most reliable types due to its superior resistance to weathering, as well as mechanical damage and insect infiltration. Since it is better suited to resist harsh weather conditions, it also doesn’t require that much maintenance.

If you are looking for wall cladding that can stand Australia’s harsh weather conditions and enhance your home’s appeal, Palliside cladding is the superior solution. It’s the smart investment choice if you want something that lasts long and looks good.