Electrical Panel Issues That Will Require You to Replace Your Panel

Man fixing electrical wiringAn electrical panel is your property’s command center. It connects the power lines from your utility company to different electrical circuits in your building. It also houses a circuit breaker, which protects each of your circuits from overloads among other hazards.

Some issues that require a complete panel overhaul may plague your panel. The problem diagnosis and installation of new panels are dangerous jobs that should only be handled by a qualified electrician in Dallas, TX. Here are some issues that may necessitate replacement of your electric panel.

Water Damage

Electricity and water make a deadly combination. In case there are any water leaks around your panel, keep your distance and call an electrician to handle the situation.

White corrosion on metal parts as well as wires and rust stains are indicators of moisture. Water-damaged electrical panels require replacement.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers that trip frequently indicate an overloaded circuit. Homes built 30 or 40 years ago used different electrical standards. The electrical systems in these homes cannot support modern day appliances and hence trip frequently.

The houses often have panels that top out at about 60–100amps. Replacing your panel with modern ones that have a 200-amp limit is the only way to solve this problem.

Exposed Electrical Wires

A slight burning smell and an electrical panel that feels warm are signs of a significant problem. They usually point to exposed or frayed wiring behind your electric panel. These are among the frequent causes of fires. Replacing your entire panel is the best way to ensure your property’s safety.

Most replacements involve an upgrade of your current electrical panel. Your local electrical code regulates these upgrades. Electricians are well-versed with the specific code with which you should comply. A local building permit might be required in some areas before an electrical panel upgrade.