Don’t You Dare Touch My Ute: Tips to Protect Your Tools from Thieves

As a tradesman, your tools are your treasures so it’s important to protect them both physically and financially. Your high quality tools from GTPRO, Power Tools UK or Klein Tools are your investment.

drill bits

Many criminals sell stolen tools for a fraction of their real cost. Though you can’t stop tool theft entirely, there are a few things you can do to protect them from thieves.

Don’t Leave Your Tools Lying Around

Theft is an opportunity basis. Place your toolboxes properly to the tray of your Ute and provide a solid lock on the doors or lids. You should also look at the hinges. Make sure yours are durable as some toolboxes have weak hinges.

Engrave Your Tools with a Special Marking

You’ll have the best chance of recovering your stolen tools if you put a mark on them. Marking your tools may not stop thieves from taking them, but it’ll make them easier to identify. You should also keep a comprehensive record of your equipment, from your most pricey power tools to every little drill bit you have.

Insure Your Equipment

If your tools such as keyhole saw and power mixers have been stolen make sure you have an insurance to cover their replacement. All you need to do is to present some form of evidence of ownership to the insurance company like copies of receipts and owner manuals.

Your tools are an important part of your work, so it’s worth the effort to protect them from possible theft.