DIY Ideas: Top Deck Cleaning Options

Deck Cleaning in MinnesotaBefore you can apply the best deck cleaning product you can get your hands on, you have to think about the best method to clean the deck. Wooden decks of good quality can last for a lifetime. However, before you can invite friends over for an outdoor party, you have to restore the deck’s glow, especially if you have not used it to entertain visitors for a long while.

A pressure washer is all you need

If you ask professionals, what the best deck cleaning methods are, they will give you a few options, and on top of the list is using a pressure washer. There's always hand washing, which entails going on all fours and engaging muscle power. This makes sense if you're working with only a few square feet. However, if your deck occupies a significant amount of space, you had better start scouring online yellow pages for rental equipment.

The high-pressure nozzle applies enough force to remove dirt and slime that’s been clinging to the surface. When it comes to pressure washing your house, MN maintenance experts can help you. If you choose to do it yourself with rented equipment, be careful using too much pressure. Water blasting can damage the wood surface if you do not know how to use the equipment properly.

Notes on staining and sealing

It doesn’t end when the water nozzle is turned off and the deck is squeaky clean. To keep it in great condition for an extended period, find the best deck sealer in the hardware store and apply it to the wood using a brush or foam roller. A staining solution could bring out the inimitable charm of genuine hardwood, so ask an authority on the matter which kind of stain is best for the type of wood you have.

Your tired, old deck can be as good as new if you know how to clean it properly. Learn about DIY cleaning and see what experts think on the matter.