Clear Wonders: Special Types of Glass for Various Home Applications

Home in PerthGlass is highly versatile. You can use it in various applications, not only in commercial and industrial settings, but also in residential properties. Thanks to modern glazing technology, homeowners can use this material for different purposes.

Here are different types of glass manufactured and installed for specific applications:

Bushfire-resistant glass

Homes in bushfire-prone areas usually need metal screens and shutters to prevent fire from damaging properties’ interiors. Glass manufacturers have developed bushfire-resistant glass that can serve as an alternative to commonly used window covers.

It provides added security against radiant heat and ember attack that can cause fire on combustible materials inside the house, such as draperies and furniture. Use bushfire resistant glass with an approved framing system to ensure effectiveness.

Safety glass

Toughened and laminated glass products are widely used as building features in homes. They are typically useful in high risk and high traffic areas where safety is necessary.

Toughened glass is four to five times more durable than typical glass. This makes it a preferred option when it comes to glass fencing in Perth homes. In the rare event that it breaks, the glass will not create sharp fragments that can cause injuries. Laminated glass is made of two panels with an interlayer that prevents the panels from breaking.

Noise-reduction glass

External noises can negatively affect your home’s comfort level. No one knows this better than those who live near busy streets and airplane runways. Fortunately, noise-resistant glass is now widely available on the market. This special type of glass can minimise noise from the surroundings by blocking external sounds.

Glass for noise reduction comes in different forms. One of the most common is the laminated form with two panes and an interlayer. Another one is the secondary glazing type with certain air gap measure. Proper installation and sealing is highly important for effective noise reduction.

Glass is truly a convenient and practical home solution. Work with a certified supplier and contractor for your home glass needs.