Bouncing on a Trampoline is Great for Your Health

TrampoliningDo you think of trampolines as children’s toys? Grown ups can use them too. The good news is, a regular workout on your trampoline is great for your heart and may even extend your life.

If you’ve ever watched your children jumping on their trampoline and wished that you could do it too, well, you can. As well as giving you fun, it has several health benefits for you.

Have a Happy Heart

Trampoline provides exercise for your heart, even if you’re only using a mini trampoline. Half an hour of jumping can consume as much as 160 calories, so it’s good for your waistline as well as your cardiovascular health. It can also tone up several muscles, including your calf muscles, gluteal muscles, and quads.

An expert from notes that rectangular trampolines are excellent for this purpose because they provide a larger space to jump, a sturdier frame and their springs are constructed to work independently and give you a spectacular boost when jumping and landing. The greater control you have will also reduce the risk of accidents.

Providing a Lower Impact Exercise

Trampolining is a good form of exercise if you’re not used to exercising and is less rigorous than running. The soft landing you get is also less harsh than impact with the ground, which provides some degree of protection for your joints and could reduce the chance of you developing arthritis when you are older.

Improved Balance

Trampolining provides an opportunity for you to perfect your balancing skills and improve your coordination. Such skill can help you avoid falling injuries.

Improved Detoxification

Physical exercise can help your lymphatic system drain. The lymphatic system gets rid of cellular waste products from your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin and moves them to the appropriate area of the body to be excreted.