Body Image: Sometimes, How You See Yourself is Not Real

Body ImageBody image, in the simplest terms, is your perception of your physical self, as well as the feelings and thoughts resulting from your perception. Your feelings can be negative, positive or both and normally are influenced by several factors.

The Four Crucial Aspects of Body Image
  • The way you view your body is really your perceptual image, such that you may see yourself as fat when you’re actually really thin.
  • How you feel about your form is really your affective body image and this directly relates to how satisfied or dissatisfied you are regarding your weight, select body parts, and over shape.
  • How you think regarding your body is actually your cognitive image, such that some individuals adhere to the belief that they’ll feel better only if they’re more toned or slimmer.
  • The behaviors you show based on how you see your body image is your behavioral image. If one is unhappy of how he or she looks, they typically isolate themselves since they feel terrible about their image or engage in self-destructive behaviors including disordered eating and over-exercising to alter their image.
The Importance of Having a Positive Body Image

You will have a positive body image of yourself if you accept, respect, and appreciate your body. According to Eating Disorder Center of Denver, this is vital since it’s among the most critical protective factors that can make you more resistant to developing eating disorders. In addition, having a positive body image can improve your:

  • Self-acceptance: This will make you happier and more comfortable with how you look and less vulnerable or affected by the pressure from society and social media to look a specific way.
  • Self-esteem: This essentially influences how you feel about yourself and could permeate into all aspects your life, contributing to overall health and happiness.
  • Behavior and outlook: It’s significantly easier to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle — proper eating and exercise habits — when you’re completely in tune with your body’s needs.

If you don’t like how your body looks and are beginning to develop unhealthy exercise and eating habits, getting help for eating disorders and your issues must be done as soon as possible. Professional help will help you understand how you feel and what you must do to attain a healthier body image, which in turn translates to a healthier and happier you.