Become an Industry Teacher without Leaving the Industry

Vocational education in MelbourneAre you great at teaching, assessing, and training individuals in the industry you are in? Do you want to use your industry expertise to guide others into the same industry as you? Industry workers with talents in teaching can put those very talents to good use by becoming a vocational education teacher.

Vocational Australia

Vocational education assists individuals in entering the workforce or in gaining additional qualifications before, during, or after tertiary education. The VET sector has industry experts teach in their areas of experience, ensuring the quality of the vocational courses.

Qualifications for Teaching

You can become a part of the VET sector yourself. Requirements to become a vocational education teacher include a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Melbourne, in other parts of Queensland, or anywhere else in Australia. You can earn a certificate from TAFE institutions, universities, colleges, as well as registered training organisations. Finally, you will obviously need vocational and industry skills and knowledge.

Experience Bonus

Of course, being an expert in your industrial field, you may already know a few things that will be required during certification courses. You can get credit transfer or recognition of prior learning which may reduce the time to get a qualification. In fact, you may have gained an immense understanding and knowledge of your industry that you won’t have to study anymore.

Possible Teaching Settings

Now, once you become a vocational education teacher, you may teach in a classroom in VET institutions such as universities and registered training organisations. You can also teach online through the same institutions. Industry organisations and companies may also hire you as trainers and assessors. In the latter option, you get to stay deeply within your industry. You may even get to work for your current company.

Vocational education teachers come from different industries. The list includes business, IT, manufacturing, design, tourism, retail, electrical, automotive, and many more. Individuals who thrive and enjoy in teaching as well as in interaction with others on a daily basis will be perfect for the job.