The Basic Principles of Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertisingOutdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing and promotion. Despite the presence of different media technologies and methodologies, it remains an effective way to get the message across.

Outdoor ads can easily reach your target audiences, as they’re always exposed and almost impossible to ignore. Creative agencies, such as BBDO and Wieden + Kennedy, and suppliers, such as Zodiac Event Displays, constantly come up with new approaches to improve the way outdoor ads move and affect consumers. If your business is creating its first ever outdoor ad, there are some things you need to consider. Read on to learn more.

Less is More

Some businesspeople make the mistake of stuffing their ads, particularly billboards, with hard sell words and components, such as email addresses or phone numbers. Keep in mind that your audiences are either driving or walking, meaning they don’t have enough time to digest everything you’ve posted. With that, you need to keep your message short and simple. Keep the copy less than six words and use imagery to generate interest.

Exploring Other Media

The beauty of outdoor advertising is that you can make use of any surface (as long as you’re allowed to) to convey your message. Other than billboards, you can use buses and taxis as ad spaces. You may also use LED billboards or jumbotrons. Some even use the side walls of buildings when conveying bigger-than-life imagery.

Mind Consistency

Don’t forget about the consistency. Make sure that the message and the sentiment you convey through your billboard are the same with what will appear on the TV, print, and other media. Consistency reinforces your branding efforts and makes your business more memorable.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when planning your outdoor advertising efforts. Other than consulting a creative agency, you also need to check with media planners and buyers to get the optimal locations.


  1. Media planning and buying are crucial here. Competition is tough in the billboard industry. Media properties are getting expensive by the day. These are the reasons you need to work with a media agency, not only with a creative agency.

  2. Agree! You will also have to
    work with the agency’s strategy department, as they have an idea how consumers
    behave. Outdoor advertising can sometimes be difficult, as you target a wide
    spectrum of audience.

  3. Copy is of prime importance, of course. Words should be powerful, but not forceful. Images must complement the words. If you want to learn how to use hard sell words and other calls to action, visit

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