A Few Hacks for Designing Your Outdoor Space

Rooftop garden in urban settingLightning is a vital part of any structure, whether it may be your interior or exterior space. It can even make or break your entire house and create a sense of comfort and style, especially in your gardens.

So as you purchase your Barovier chandelier from Authentic Provence, here are a few ideas that you may want to consider for your outdoor space.

Be bold

Do not be afraid to mix and match a few lanterns in your outdoor space. Decorative metal lanterns are a must-have as a modern room accessory. Adding a few metal lanterns can add a Scandi vibe to an industrial theme table. It also adds a bit of texture to your garden that can suit any style that you want.

Utilize the sun

A great idea to light up your garden without using much electricity is by using solar garden lighting. It comes in various styles which can be great in any garden. Solar garden lights use solar collectors to utilize the sunlight during the day and then store it in an internal battery to be used at night.

Think of an inviting glow

When dining in the garden, the natural glow of chandeliers can give an ambient outdoor lighting option that makes everything seem magical. pairing it up with real candles can make it even more beautiful and elegant at the same time. Certain scents such as citronella even keep the mosquitoes at bay which can be great when you’re eating in the garden.

Considering the lightning in your outdoor space can turn your dull garden into an amazing looking paradise. That’s why it’s essential to carefully choose the design and your aesthetics to ensure that you’ll achieve the style that you want for your outdoor space.