4 Simple and Important Hacks to Remember When Undergoing Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removalA wisdom tooth extraction is one of the most painful and difficult dental procedure anyone could ever encounter. Removing this extra tooth (or sometimes teeth) is necessary to avoid cavities, overcrowding, infections, and certain diseases. Here are some tips to help you cope throughout this process.

Plan Ahead of Time

First, look for a great dentist to do the wisdom tooth removal proecdure. This should be your trusted dentist who has the knowledge and expertise in wisdom tooth extraction. Talk to him or her and ask what to expect and look for a guideline for you to follow. Read this list in advance. Make sure to file extra days off at work to properly recover from the surgery.

Watch Your Food Intake

It’s advisable to stick to a diet of liquids a couple of days after the surgery. Add solid foods gradually, starting from pudding and other softer foods. Never eat hot or spicy foods throughout the recovery period. For drinks, you’re not allowed to use straws.

Rest As Much As Possible

Rushing back to your normal life doing normal activities is one of the most common mistakes people make after undergoing wisdom tooth extraction. For your fast and long-term recovery, it’s better to just relax, lie down, and rest for a while. Keep your head elevated using pillows, don’t exercise for a day, and keep away from strenuous exercise for a week.

Open and Rinse Your Mouth

After surgery, open your mouth gently and slowly. It will feel stiff, but not doing so can make it become permanent. The day after, you should rinse your mouth several times daily. Create a mixture of salt and warm water. Do this especially after eating and drinking to reduce pain and swelling.

Even though it looks easy and painless, wisdom tooth extraction is actually a serious surgery. Take good care of yourself and keep these things in mind for your own safety and fast recovery.

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