4 Easy Ways to Burglar Proof Your Shopfront

Burglar Proof Your ShopfrontRetail burglary is a constant threat for shop owners. The resulting property damage and lost merchandise mean considerable financial loss, while the prospect of another break-in can have a serious effect on staff morale. It is in your best interests to deter any attempt at theft before they happen.

As many as 25% of commercial premises are victimised every year in Australia. While a creative burglar can enter your store in many different ways, the most important place to secure is your storefront. These ideas should help you achieve that.

  1. Get industrial strength shutters – More than anything else, you need to invest in good shutters that will keep the entrance secure outside of store hours. Many companies like NWSM Building Group manufacture highly durable shutters for commercial properties.

In combination with shatter-resistant glass for the storefront itself, this will make forced entry far more difficult. Thieves prefer to enter the premises quickly and discreetly, or conduct a smash and grab – neither of which are possible with sufficient protection.

  1. Be conspicuous with lighting – A well-lit store is an unattractive one to criminals, especially if your shop is on a somewhat busy street. Make sure that the storefront is always illuminated at night, and burglars may decide that it is more trouble than it is worth. This also deters vandalism attempts.
  2. Install steel bollards – Perhaps the worst kind of burglary is the “ram raid” – a crime where the burglars use a vehicle to break through the storefront, allowing them to grab merchandise and escape quickly. This results in severe damage to the store. By installing bollards, you can deter ram raids.
  3. Surveillance and alarms – Lastly, nothing trumps good anti-theft technology. Skip the dummy systems; any experienced thief can spot a fake alarm or surveillance camera immediately. Stores should always invest in the best security systems, as these are easily the most effective way to keep burglars out.

These security measures will deter nearly any thief, and keep both your merchandise and store safe. How burglar proof is your shopfront right now? It might be time for a few upgrades.