Your Window Coverings Need a Life Too

Window Coverings in BrisbaneMost of the inherent qualities of freshly-installed awnings, shutters, drapes and blinds evaporate when these window coverings get dirty. Well, you expect your windows to get dirty often, and you clean them from time to time to maintain their sparkling look; but it seems few people give window coverings the much-needed attention to keep them equally clean.

You will need to carry out a little bit of maintenance on custom made blinds and shutters of your Brisbane home to keep enjoying the full benefits that these window coverings can bring. The practice is worth it.

Here are two few helpful tips to making your window coverings look brand new every time:

Call in a sonic cleaning company…or, simply, vacuum it!

Window blinds with slats that are close together easily create a build-up of grime, and since these are hard-to-reach spaces, you could need the help of a sonic cleaning company to do the cleaning. Sonic cleaning uses sound waves to remove and suck dust and debris from between narrow-spaced slats into a holding sack.

Otherwise, you may use a vacuum with a fine-bristled attachment to reach the narrow nooks and crannies.

Use a dry cloth or a feather duster

As for wood blinds, use a dry cloth or a feather duster. Avoid cleaning such blinds with a wet cloth as the moisture can easily cause the wood to discolour or, worse, warp. But, should you need to clean wood blinds with a wet cloth, ensure you follow through with a dry rag to wipe off the excess moisture or use a damp cloth instead.

Custom made blinds, shutters and other window coverings are supposed to help you enjoy your home in Brisbane. And since they turn your living areas into cleaner and more inviting spaces, help protect you and your loved ones from the scorching sun, as well as prevent your windows from catching too much dirt, it is important that you ensure you clean them more often. A little bit of sprucing up will go a long way to maintaining the quality and service life of your window coverings.