With this Phone, You can Freely Roam the Earth

Person On the PhoneNowadays smartphones and tablets are getting people all over the world connected. With all the apps and nifty features, you certainly have greater chances to talk to anybody even half-way around the world. But that’s assuming you have a constant, unwavering coverage.

The New Sun

Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei must have caused the world to stop when he laid out his findings that the sun is the center of the solar system and not the Earth. Today, however, a different sun is becoming the center of everybody’s lives. And it’s causing everybody to stop every now and then: mobile devices.

Officially, there are more mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, cell phones – than there are people on Earth. UK-based Independent notes the number of mobile devices has reached 7.22 billion, a number higher than Earth’s total human population of 7.19 billion.

If you are not sure if these devices make people stop, just watch a mall tour featuring Jennifer Lawrence or X-Men’s Wolverine superstar Hugh Jackman. See how everybody stops to take a picture via their smartphones. However, even if these communication devices are so pervasive, they are severely limited when you talk about getting you connected.

Power of Satellite

While you may view your smartphone as a tool for connecting to other people, connecting is actually a major issue with these devices. As Lifehacker reveals, of the 10 most annoying issues smartphones are notorious for, it’s their inability to connect that stands out like a sore finger. Blame it on dropped calls, poor quality signal etc.

This is why a satellite mobile from SingtelTeleport.com comes in most handy. As this kind of phone is getting coverage from the signal beamed by satellite hovering above the Earth, you can enjoy reliable coverage wherever you are on the planet.

It is for this reason that satellite mobile, also dubbed as satellite phones, has become an indispensable tool for government agencies like national disaster committees who must stay connected all the time. Or for that matter, adventurous globetrotters and jet setters.

With phones like these, you won’t fear losing coverage anywhere you maybe on Planet Earth.