Window Repair vs. Window Replacement—When to Repair or Replace

Window ReplacementOne of the dilemmas homeowners face when renovating their homes is whether to stick with their old windows or have new ones installed. The choice to repair or replace depends on several factors and will mostly focus on the condition of the windows and maintenance issues.

To Repair or Replace Windows?

Most windows are repairable, but there are times when replacement is the easier and only option. Some of these signs include:

  • When you see rotting edges in your wood windows, replace the frames and then maintained regularly. Replacing the whole window rather than just the frames is an easier and better option in most instances, however.
  • You can repair general wear and tear on window’s crank mechanisms, but worn-out or bent hinges can be harder to repair, so experts recommend installation of new windows instead.
  • Fogging between your windows’ double pane glass are irreparable and most settle for replacing the glass or the whole window sash, which can be quite costly. With this, compare window replacement cost against the cost of repair.
  • Painted windows need frequent touchups to avoid rotting. In Ogden, vinyl windows or aluminum cladding or those manufactured with composites are easier to maintain.
  • For condensation issues, consider replacing the glass with those that offer higher energy efficiency ratings.
  • Check if your windows can open easily or if they get stuck even before you’ve opened them completely. You can repair this without a fuss.
  • If your window is equipped with hardware that’s difficult to find, consider new windows.

After deciding to replace your windows, it is crucial that competent contractors perform the proper installation. Experts warn against installers who rely too much on sealants or foam expanders when fitting windows, since these are not water resistant and will cause problems in the long run. In addition, only professional window experts can install caulking and flashing to prevent water leaks.

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