Why the Production of Polyurethane Plastic Should Not be Stopped, for Now

Guy measuring the pipeIn the simplest definition, polyurethanes are a type of plastic.

According to the American Chemistry Council, polyurethanes are some of the most versatile plastic materials. The materials needed to produce polyurethane is broad. Thus, a wide variety of this plastic can be made to meet different needs. If you want to know just how versatile it is, take a look around you.

One particular use for polyurethane is a protective coating. Companies such as zebron.com use polyurethane coating for a number of things such as manhole rehabilitation, pipelines, and wastewater structures.

The tree hugger in you is probably frothing at the mouth over the mention of the word “plastic,” but polyurethane coating is entirely safe to use. While it’s acceptable to discontinue the use of certain plastics, it’s not a good idea to end the production of varieties like polyurethane.

Uses and Importance

Polyurethane coating helps extend the life of many products.  It keeps drinking water safe by preventing lead from entering water pipes. Non-solvent polyurethane, in particular, creates a tough membrane which provides protection from abrasion and corrosion. Without it, there would be a greater demand for the production of things such as water pipes. Tap water would also be riskier to drink.

Energy sustainability is also achieved with the help of polyurethanes. Its use as insulation helps preserve the heat or cold in buildings and houses. This means that these structures don’t have to consume too much energy to perform the same functions.

There’s no reason to believe that plastics aren’t hurting the Earth, but the polyurethane industry is also doing its part to lessen the environmental and health impact of plastics and plastic products.