Which Laminating Machine is Right for Your Use in Your Business?

A series of photos being laminatedAre you shopping for a laminating machine? The different types you see in the market vary in the price, size, and functionality, which can quickly and easily make choosing a laminator that perfectly suits your needs quite the task. You will, however, find the following guide to be practical enough in helping you select the best laminator for your needs:

Pouch vs Roll Laminators

Pouch and roll laminators are the two common types of laminators in the market today. Pouch laminators, typically, are versatile, attracting applications in SMBs and schools. On the other hand, roll laminating machines are fast and are ideal for any use that requires large format laminating.

However, irrespective of whether you choose a roll or pouch laminator, ask yourself the following critical questions:

What is Your Frequency of Laminating?

Does your work involve too much laminating? How many people use the laminating machine at a go? Your laminating frequency and the number of users will determine the size of the laminator you should use. Roll laminators are best when you have multiple users, while pouch laminators are suitable for individual use.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

A laminator is a significant investment in a school or business, so make the right choice. The cost of a laminating machine depends on the type, size, and functionality. Consider your needs and choose a laminator that will meet your requirements.

What is the Size of the Documents are You Handling?

Laminating pouches come in different dimensions; therefore, consider the size of the documents that you handle at work or school. Also, ensure that you always offer full coverage for the content when laminating. If you deal with standard products, such as letters, you could benefit from a pouch laminator; however, if you handle odd sizes, roll laminating machines will offer you greater flexibility for large format laminating.

Laminators are turning out to be a useful addition in most business and schools. However, a careful choice of the right laminating machines ensures efficiency in your laminating tasks, to increase performance at your workplace. One good advice though is that you prioritise working with a reputable supplier of such equipment, and that has specialised in the Signmaking trade.