When to Keep (or Ditch) Your Graphic Designer

Graphic DesignersWorking with graphic design companies can be a piece of cake, but not when you choose a designer who keeps making the worst mistakes ever. As the client, you always have the last say on what to approve or disapprove. Thus, knowing what is good for your website is as good as finding the right graphic design company.

1. The Grammar is Simply Flawed

Be wary of grammar flaws. Nobody’s perfect and these things do happen, so you have to keep a fresh set of eyes whenever you check and review what your graphic designer has done. When the grammar is wrong, your audience might misinterpret your message. What’s worse is they might find you less credible than you truly are.

2. There Are Too Many Fonts

Font styles depend on the kind of blog you have, whether it is a personal website or a business-related one. Fonts help attract attention, but having too many conflicting styles might do more harm than good. They could clutter the space or page, and they might distract your readers.

3. Using Stock Images

Digital Ads International Pty Ltd suggests finding graphic design companies that know what they are doing. Usually, these graphic design companies have in-house artists who do the job. In some cases, they have to refer to Google images while still maintaining the uniqueness of the presentation (i.e. a collage). If your graphic designer keeps scouting for stock images, then that says a lot about their real abilities.

4. Failing to Proofread

Ideally, you should receive the final product with no edits or mistakes. There are times, however, when graphic designers fail to proofread their material. It’s your job as the client to be proactive as well. Check the text, the quality of the photos, how the image looks on your website, and all the other graphic elements involved.

5. Forgetting to Send Zipped Files

Depending on the contract between you and your graphic designer, the latter at least is responsible for sending you the zipped files as a backup should you find missing elements in the design.

Finding the right graphic design company to work with could be challenging, but you’ll appreciate the effort once you get to work with them smoothly.