What’s The Big Deal with Small Sizes?

Big Deal with Small SizesPeople are getting bigger, so they go looking for more surgical means of beating their genetics and getting the bodies they want. While most people would raise a simple eyebrow at something like liposuction, they will find it absurd when they hear about women getting breast reduction surgery.

Why would anyone want to lessen their breast size, especially when so many other women feel insecure with their small sizes? The truth of the matter is, most women with large sizes feel insecure with their own sizes. The popularity of treatments like liposuction from Newcastle clinics remain high, but there are other procedures that are becoming recognised, as well. The question is, why is there still some backlash against women seeking this procedure, and why are more women looking for it in the first place?

The second question is easier to answer because it is science. Breasts are mostly fat that serve as storage for women who might go days without having to eat, which during the days until the end of the Second World War was commonplace. There is no shortage in supply, though, which means women are storing more calories.

The first question is a bit more complicated, as no two women have the same reason for having breast reduction surgery. Some do it for comfort, such as the T-shirt example already mentioned, while others do it to get better performance. One example of the latter is Simona Halep, a tennis player who went from a 34DD to a 34C. Her new size better suits the game and her performance on the court is much better.

Regardless of their reasons, though, there still seems to be the constant awe in society regarding women who want smaller breasts. There seems to be a force field around everyone’s brains that protect them from the reasoning that not all women are comfortable with having big breasts.

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