Wedding Venues: 4 Things That Matter Most

Choosing a Wedding VenueYour wedding venue should be more than just spacious with areas for eating, drinking and dancing. While size is of great importance, it is not the only thing that matters when looking for a reception. You need to consider other factors to make sure that you and your guests will have a great time at your chosen venue.

Ample Lighting

Consider the time of the event to know the amount of lighting you need. If your wedding is during the day, light coming from the windows can transform the overall feel of the room. If the event is in the evening, however, be sure that the rooms are not too dark, with lighting controls for eating and partying. Victoria Park and other wedding venue providers suggest visiting the location on the same day and time of your event.

View or Feel

Venues with a great view can make the event even more special. A city skyline, a majestic landscape or a beach with clear waters are enough to wow guests and make the wedding unforgettable. If the venue has no exceptional view, you can focus more on the decorations or the architectural details in the room. Choose stunning artworks, furniture pieces, centrepieces and other things that can liven up the venue.


Your venue should not produce too much echo, as it will ruin the sound of the band. It will make it hard for the guest to talk or hear each other, as well. Check the sound quality of the room or visit the venue during an event. This will help you know how your band would sound like on your big day. You may likewise want to add a thick carpet to soften sounds if the floor material is made of wood or tile.

Parking Space

While inadequate parking space is not your biggest concern, it may annoy some guests in finding where to park their vehicles. If the venue doesn’t have a good parking lot, let everyone know of the alternative areas. You can take guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception with a rental vehicle if your budget permits.

Choose a venue that stays true to the theme of your event. Make sure to consider these things and plan for the best layout that can maximise the venue for your big day.