Train Rides in Switzerland That Will Leave You Awestruck

woman riding on trainThere’s beauty wherever you look in Switzerland; it’s up to you how to experience it. One great way is to take the train. This mode of transportation will not just take you to your destination, but will also keep you awestruck as it passes through stunning sceneries. lists the train rides you should take during your visit to Switzerland.

The Glacier Express

This train ride uses the word “express” loosely; it takes approximately seven hours to finish the route. It chugs along slowly, allowing passengers to soak in the spectacular views. This is the trip that you won’t mind taking longer than it should. It passes through stunning landscapes and beautiful gorges, and crosses more than 200 bridges and 91 tunnels. It travels between St. Moritz and Zermatt, which is at Matterhorn’s base.

Golden Pass Line

This scenic train ride has a bit of everything for travelers pressed for time. It passes through beautiful lakes, mountain passes, and different cantons. However, you have to change trains a number of times before reaching your destination. The first leg of the trip starts in Lucerne, taking you through the Giessbach Waterfalls and the fetching Brünig Pass.

Bernina Express

This train ride involves entering Italy through vistas, tunnels, and several bridges. It crosses the Bernina Pass at more than 2,000m or 7,000ft then into Italian territory. The views are nothing short of spectacular. You’ll see the landscape transform from glaciers to palm trees.


At more than 3,400m or 11,300ft, the station of Jungfraujoch has earned the moniker “Top of Europe.” The trains that depart to this destination start from Kleine Scheidegg. To get to the topmost station, the ride will take you through Mt. Eiger, which is already a feat.

These are some of Switzerland’s spectacular train rides. In such cases, the journey becomes the destination. You wouldn’t want to take your eyes out of the window because of the beautiful views.