Top Three Things to Have on Your Home Buying List

New Home in Salt Lake CityChoosing new homes in Salt Lake City entails careful thought. It is a major investment, so you should not make any hasty decisions. Presuming you find a good location, you should get a home inspection before considering a property for your short list. However, you should also check some things that may not be in an inspection report. outlines the top three factors that should be on your checklist:


Try walking from the indoors to the outdoors, and vice versa. It should be easy and comfortable, as you will be doing that every day. The type of doors can affect the flow of movement considerably. If you need the flow to be easy, consider French doors. You should also consider the flow inside the home. An open floor plan may be the best option if you like the seamless experience.


If the lot is not flat, you need to check how severe the grade is. If the slope is steep, find out which direction it is going. It can be a problem when it rains if the home is on a downward slope. It could lead to damp or flooded basements, or problems with molds. A steep grade can also affect landscaping, potentials for expansion, and installations of other amenities, such as swimming pools.


You want your new home to let in as much natural light and airflow as possible, so it is important to have many windows. Check if the windows are facing the right direction to let in the best kind of sunlight, as well as airflow. Windows should face south as much as possible. This is an important consideration because re-orienting your windows involves a major remodel.

Most people that look for new homes in Salt Lake City would rarely think about these three things. If you want to keep any remodeling to a minimum, you should put these factors in your priority list.