Tips When Hiring a Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing system being repairedWhen it comes to plumbing, the input of a professional is invaluable. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when getting a plumbing contractor for your home.

Their License

Always choose a plumbing repair contractor in Salt Lake City with a license to work within the area. A license affords you some measure of protection, guaranteeing that the individual you hired is a legitimate plumber with all the necessary qualifications. The license is not something you have to ask for — they should have it proudly displayed on the plumber’s truck, his calling card, and other marketing materials.

Insurance Coverage

Make sure your plumber has liability insurance in case something bad happens. While choosing a quality plumber helps minimize risks, you can’t ignore the possibility altogether. Hence, make a point of asking whether the contractor has sufficient coverage to reimburse you should there be any problems.

Response Time

Most people hire a contractor with a response time of less than an hour. This is important since one needs to address plumbing issues instantly — otherwise, you might find yourself without running water in the foreseeable future and for a long time. While there, try looking for a contractor with a 24-hour service in preparation for a worst-case scenario.


Don’t forget to ask about experience, specifically how long they’ve been in the business. Ask for referrals if possible so you can get a personal feel for how they do their job.

Availability of Parts

Ask whether they store parts in their truck for a quick fix. If the contractor has to go back to their headquarters just to get parts, then you might have to wait longer, which is never a good sign.

With the right approach, you’ll find that your plumbing issues can be quickly addressed.