Three Stunning Gardens Worth Visiting

garden of versaillesWith Perth’s beautiful sceneries and ample lands, it is definitely one of the best places to settle in Australia. Not only do you get to enjoy the great outdoors, you can also own a house with an actual backyard or, if you are very lucky, acres of land.

Definitely, Perth is not one of those congested metropolitan cities. You can either go cosmopolitan, but you can also choose the suburbs, which are just minutes away from the financial district. It is no wonder then that you can find excellent landscaping services in the area. The locals have been having great fun turning their backyards and big pockets of lands into beautiful gardens and inspiring spaces.

Before ringing up the one of the landscaping companies, you might want to take a peek at some of the world’s most fabulous gardens for inspiration. You may not have the same huge budget, but you just might get a few ideas from these unbelievably beautiful places.

The Gardens of Versailles

First up, of course, the wonderful, jaw-dropping gardens of the Versailles and one of Louis XIV’s enduring legacies. Done in the classic French Garden styles, it features perfectly designed lawns, manicured obsessively with grasses and shrubs cut into curious shapes. If you are the type who likes a fancy garden, then this might be the right inspiration for you.

The Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan

If you prefer your space to exude calmness and an ambience that puts the heart and the mind at ease, then you should check out the Shinnyo-do Zen Garden in Japan. It is basically ruled by great symmetry and there is none of the gaudy or over-the-top landscape designs found in other gardens. One of its instantly recognizable features is the carefully arranged pebbles and beautifully executed swirls on the sand, which oddly enough, creates a peaceful vibe.

The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is definitely a product of this century. A mixture of huge foliage and intricately designed light posts, it gives off this otherworldly vibe. Aesthetically, the fusion of nature and technology is just sheer perfection. The experience one gets from it is akin to stepping into another world.

These similarly beautiful, but aesthetically divergent, gardens are definitely worth checking out for inspiration.

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