Three Northside Brisbane Suburbs for Young Easily Stressed Individuals

Young People in BrisbaneAustralians are stressed-out people. If you’re young, you feel it a lot worse than most seniors. The good news is the kind of environment you’re in can help reduce anxiety symptoms and improve your well-being.

If you’re in Brisbane, The Royal advises that you find affordable housing or even temporary accommodations in some choice areas that would help you get away from it all. These three charming suburbs on the north side may offer you a sense of community, peace, and laid-back vibe—just perfect for those who want to lead a life away from stress.

1. Hendra

What used to be a farming community is now a cosy suburb with plenty of natural attractions such as parks and hiking trails. It doesn’t have an amazing nightlife, which you may not need anyway, but it has a country feel that makes it soothing and relaxing. It doesn’t come as a surprise that some rank it as one of the top 20 best suburbs in Brisbane.

2. Nundah

Previously known as the German Station, this inner-city suburb has a rich, complex history, as well as a diverse community. It has an impeccable mixture of residences and entertainment places, including function venues in Brisbane Northside that are near public transport stations. This makes commuting to and from the workplace easier and faster. Capping this sweet deal is the fact it lies only 8 kilometres away from the central business district, or roughly 15 minutes away.

Families in Nundah enjoy visits to the Centro Toombul Shopping Centre, rugby games in Bishop Park, and the annual street festival.

3. Aspley

Do you feel the need for spiritual reconnection? Then you have to be in Aspley, which has one of the biggest interfaith denominations with several active churches. Travelling from home to the CBD area is a comfortable half-hour drive. You could also take a ride in any of the train stations serving the suburb.

Improve your work-life balance through your residential choices. These three top North suburbs in Brisbane offer a great combination of entertainment, access to important public services, and a quiet homelife.