The Perfect Site: Creating a Web Design That Reflects You

Designing your own websiteThe idea that “everyone or everything has its own website” is not quite true. But, if you do decide you want one, it has to stand out among the others taking up online real estate. Let this article help you achieve that.

Mirror Me

No matter the type of website you build, it should reflect you. Web design isn’t simply about graphics and content; it’s also about your name, essentially, your brand. You don’t have to showcase your entire self online. Show what you are comfortable with and let the ideas flow from there. Think of what the site will be about. Is it a personal blog? An online store?

Get your ideas down on paper get a feel for how you want visitors to move from page to page. Decide, too, on your layout, the colors, and fonts. To make your site stand out, it should “speak” clearly in your voice through every element. By doing so, it will be easier for you to make your mark amid the hundreds of sites already up.

Create a Community

Project the “you” that you want to project online. Write your text as though you were speaking face to face with your audience. A sense of involvement and community will get visitors to keep coming back. Let your audience participate in your online life. Create a mailing list, do podcasts, hold contests and raffles. You can even share a tutorial or two if you find something that you feel your audience will enjoy.

Creating highly visual content and publishing content regularly can help boost attention to your site. Bonus points if you link to and mention others who have the same interests or values as you. This can create a whole web of link-backs and shares which can help boost your traffic.

More Than Just Home

Live in Utah? Your community doesn’t have to be limited by those around you. Draw those from out of state into your story. And if you sell your brand well, you can be on your way to getting the perfect online reflection of you.