The Details of Child Adoption in Colorado

Child AdoptionAdopting a child is a huge step for any family. It is a major change in the life of the child.

Colorado state laws are not as complex compared to other states when it comes to adoption matters. As any seasoned adoption attorney in Colorado Springs would tell you, however, the welfare of the child is still the paramount consideration in Colorado adoptions.

The Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne shares the following requirements for adoptions in Colorado:

Counseling as a vital part of Colorado adoption matters

Psychological well-being is among the paramount considerations under Colorado adoption laws. The biological parents and the child are required to undergo counseling. The counseling is to prepare them for the major changes in their lives. The process helps all parties involved to deal with the anxieties brought about by the separation and the change of environment.

Obtaining consent from the child

The law requires the consent of the child to be adopted when the child has reached 12 years of age. The law looks into the mind and the perception of the child about what they see fit or most favorable to them. At this age, the law presumes that the child already has enough ability to understand the circumstances about the adoption. Without the consent of the child, the adoption cannot take place.

Obtaining consent from the biological parent

The biological parents of the child should give their consent before the adoption process can proceed. The law protects the unity of the family and will not operate to forcibly take a child from the parents. The only exception is when the law deems that the parents are unfit to exercise parental authority over the child.

Adoption-related concerns may be difficult to deal with. Consulting with an experienced lawyer gives you a better understanding of the requirements involved.

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