The Apartment Advantage: Why It Trumps Hotels in SG

Accommodations In SingaporeIt is easy to see why a lot of people head to Singapore when they want to go on a vacation. In fact, from January to August of 2016, the country has received nearly 11.3 million visitors. Despite being a small country in the South East region of Asia, its charm, beauty, technologically-advanced infrastructure, culturally-rich system, and diverse ethnicities make it one of the most attractive places to bring your family.

The biggest downside to staying in Singapore is, however, the cost of living, particularly in terms of accommodations. Hotels can be costly, and do not always meet the luxury standards one would expect when paying tall service charges. Apartment rentals may not come with the furnishings that would make for a comfortable stay. But, there is one other option: high-end luxury serviced apartments like Residences at Reflections, which are available for short term or long term stays, and provide amenities for daily use. While they sound very similar to hotels, the differences are actually vast.

Space and privacy of multi-bedrooms

If you are visiting with family, and have modern comforts, you may think your only option is a long-term stay in a hotel. The amenities would consist of a TV, a bed, telephone, and a bathroom. While these are great for transit travellers, sharing the same bed as your kids after a long day of meetings is less than desirable. 

One other smarter option is a multi-bedroom apartment with well-appointed amenities. When you plan to stay for several weeks or even a month with your family, consider going for these serviced apartments because you will find several bedroom apartment services in Singapore make for a great home for your family.

Your kids can play in their own rooms while you rest your eyes in your own room. A serviced apartment allows you space and privacy just like how you would want to be at home.

Aside from price

With millions of people paying Singapore a visit and with many of them wanting to stay longer, a smart alternative to the extremely costly hotel charges is only practical. A serviced apartment not only makes a better accommodation, it provides a sense of home away from home in that you have all your creature comforts in the country that you are visiting. You will be able to prepare your own meals that most hotels in Singapore will not allow.

So forget about those pricey hotels. Consider serviced apartments instead when you head to Singapore, and you will feel more at home.