The Annual Household Maintenance Checklist

a person wearing gloves cleaning gloves and holding broomNow is the perfect time to run the annual household checklist to look for anything that needs fixing and cleaning. Here’s a quick three-item list to help you get started and get everything in order in no time.

Check for Structural Repairs

Summer is the best time to conduct any household repairs, as the weather is just right for the necessary drying time to complete the maintenance process.

It’s the perfect time to inspect indoor and outdoor walls for cracks and repainting needs, address any roof leaks, pipe leaks, and any form of water damage in your Ogden home as well.

Make sure that you schedule your HVAC system for annual maintenance right before the weather in Ogden gets too warm. This ensures your cooling system is in top condition and ready for heavy use throughout the warm months and the cold months, too.

Clean and Repair Appliances

Schedule appliance repair before the wet weather starts. In case you need to source replacement parts or have appliances shipped over to the manufacturer for repairs, shipping is easy as there is almost no interruption in the service due to the weather.

The rainy and snowy season may slow down logistics and may affect the turnaround time for your appliance repair, so it’s best to have everything scheduled and completed within the summer window.

Check Pantry Stock Level

Having a well-stocked pantry is just as important as the first two items on this list. Ideally, you can do restocking every six months for perishable items and annually for non-perishable ones. Visit your pantry and check for any near-expiry items before putting together a shopping list.

Stock up on food and snacks that are good enough to leave you with ample supply between seasonal shopping trips or for when you can’t go out because of inclement weather.

Annual bulk shopping for non-perishable items is cheaper and will provide you with a steady supply of goods, especially for things you use on a daily basis.

Summer is starting in a couple of months, and this list is here to help you jump-start your annual household maintenance routine, so you can get everything in order before we transition to the colder months again.