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Improve the Overall Ambiance of Your Home with these Updates

Custom Plantation ShuttersEnhancing the ambience and comfort of your home does not have to equate to thousands and thousands of dollars, and window treatments are proof of that. There are many types of window treatments, including the classic curtains and drapes to the more aesthetic yet functional shutters. Of all the kinds of shutters available today, plantation shutters remain one of the most popular.

And with custom plantation shutters available from stores like timbershadesgroup.com.au nowadays, you can have your odd-shaped or even very large picture windows set up with these window covers. Aside from their inexpensiveness, they also deliver the following benefits that make them worthy as your next as a home improvement project.

Flexibility and versatility

One of the best things about these exterior shutters is their flexibility and versatility. Unlike other window covers, they have highly adaptable features, allowing you to install them on almost every window you have in your home.

Manufacturers of plantation shutters now also make use of a wide variety of materials and designs, so you will them available in different colours, sizes, and shapes.


Keep in mind that not all shutter manufacturers prioritise quality over quantity, so make sure you choose one known for providing quality shutters made of strong materials and impressive workmanship. These two qualities combined together gives you durable and long lasting shutters that you can depend on, especially during days with inclement weather.

Passive Design Element for Better Indoor Climate Control

Installation of plantation shutters can also significantly contribute to the passive design element of your home. With these window treatments in place, you enjoy better control over the indoor climate. You can open them up to let the sun in and ventilate the rooms, or you can close them up during rainy, stormy, or snowy days to help trap the heat from your furnace or boiler in.

These are just some of the benefits of plantation shutters, but they should be enough to make you want to install them in your home.



Types of Window Treatments and Their Key Benefits

Window Treatments in Perth

Window Treatments in PerthWindow treatments will save you during those times that it just is so impossibly hot outside your house. This is because they let you open your windows to let air pass but block the heat of the sun from entering your home. Aside from that, window treatments have many other benefits, like additional aesthetic appeal and improved privacy and security. Here are some types for you to choose from.


Shutters are probably the sturdiest type of window treatment. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor shutters, you’ll know that they can stand the test of time as well as harmful weather conditions. Indoor shutters are popular for being an additional decorative element to the living room, while outdoor shutters are great for making your windows more secured. Shutters are also easy to clean and maintain, which is a plus.


Much like curtains, there are also plenty of different types of blinds and shades in the market. Industry experts, such as Action Awnings, explain that blinds will allow you to control how much natural light enters the room. What’s important is knowing what to shop for and what brands to buy. Ziptrak blinds in Perth is one of the top brands because of their durability. Whether it’s pleated, aluminium, cellular, roller, vertical, Roman, sheer, or wood, you should only buy high-quality blinds to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.


Curtains are the most basic window treatments because it’s so easy to install yourself. Because curtains are made of various types of fabrics, it has a breezy and fresh element to it, which can improve the aesthetic appeal of any room. You just have to pick the right fabric, colour, style, and length that will complement the overall look of the room where you’ll use it.

These are just three of the many kinds of window treatments you can choose from. Decide depending on the overall aesthetic of the room and how much budget you have.