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A Quick Guide to Planning Better Weddings

Wedding Preparation in Auckland Beautiful weddings are not always about the fancy cake and the elaborate venue décor. The most memorable ones focus on bringing the family together. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the wedding of your dreams — at a price you can afford.

If you’re looking for ways to control costs on your wedding day, take a simpler approach. Here’s a quick guide.

Use a public park for the event

Permit fees apply for weddings in parks, so check with your local council. While you may have to deal with restrictions on music and alcohol consumption, a park is still comparatively cheaper than wedding venues.

Getting temporary fencing hire will help to contain your nuptials within its designated area. Temporary fencing provides access control, preventing uninvited people from walking into your wedding. It will also protect valuable belongings and equipment from theft.

Consider recycling the flowers

Maximise your flowers. Use the same ones at the ceremony and reception. Instead of going for the expensive kinds, consider seasonal, local pieces.

Try renting wedding gowns and suits

Unless you plan to wear the outfits again, renting your wedding gown and suit can reduce the cost of the event. You may even rent a designer collection. You’ll still look amazing, but for a fraction of the price. Alternatively, you can update your mum’s wedding outfit to suit the theme or style of the wedding.

Think about a small wedding

A small wedding will not only control the cost. It will also ensure you invite only relevant people to the occasion. You can keep the number of guests to a minimum, just family and close friends. A smaller wedding also means manageable catering. You can even ask a relative or friend, who loves to cook for many people, to prepare the food.

Get creative with entertainment — use technology

A live band is not a bad idea, but it will add to your budget. A decent sound system with Bluetooth capability and a well-curated music list from your iPod will keep the party going for your special day.

Memorable weddings don’t have to be expensive. Make smart choices. Control the costs. And make your nuptials blissful, at a price you can afford.

Wedding Venues: 4 Things That Matter Most

Choosing a Wedding Venue

Choosing a Wedding VenueYour wedding venue should be more than just spacious with areas for eating, drinking and dancing. While size is of great importance, it is not the only thing that matters when looking for a reception. You need to consider other factors to make sure that you and your guests will have a great time at your chosen venue.

Ample Lighting

Consider the time of the event to know the amount of lighting you need. If your wedding is during the day, light coming from the windows can transform the overall feel of the room. If the event is in the evening, however, be sure that the rooms are not too dark, with lighting controls for eating and partying. Victoria Park and other wedding venue providers suggest visiting the location on the same day and time of your event.

View or Feel

Venues with a great view can make the event even more special. A city skyline, a majestic landscape or a beach with clear waters are enough to wow guests and make the wedding unforgettable. If the venue has no exceptional view, you can focus more on the decorations or the architectural details in the room. Choose stunning artworks, furniture pieces, centrepieces and other things that can liven up the venue.


Your venue should not produce too much echo, as it will ruin the sound of the band. It will make it hard for the guest to talk or hear each other, as well. Check the sound quality of the room or visit the venue during an event. This will help you know how your band would sound like on your big day. You may likewise want to add a thick carpet to soften sounds if the floor material is made of wood or tile.

Parking Space

While inadequate parking space is not your biggest concern, it may annoy some guests in finding where to park their vehicles. If the venue doesn’t have a good parking lot, let everyone know of the alternative areas. You can take guests from the wedding ceremony to the reception with a rental vehicle if your budget permits.

Choose a venue that stays true to the theme of your event. Make sure to consider these things and plan for the best layout that can maximise the venue for your big day.

Making it Fit: Cutting Down on Your Wedding Expenditures

Wedding DayYour wedding day is truly special and by that merit alone you’d like to splurge on it. However, you might be telling yourself to be practical and know when to specify a limit on your purchases and services. Consider the following suggestions to cut down on your spending for your big day:

Rethink Your Priorities – If you truly want to have that limousine to ferry you to the church, then you would have to scrimp on a few other aspects of your wedding. By checking through your priority list and downgrading some, you won’t need to cross them out completely. For those you prioritize less, you simply need to find more affordable parallels for them.

Be Creative – With the right amount of creativity and artistry, seemingly affordable decors and flowers can look elegant and classy. Instead of a limousine, Noosa Woody Hire recommends reserving a vintage vehicle from a wedding car rental company in Sunshine Coast. Get a package for your hair and make-up by including your entourage. These little cost cutting measures can make a difference when summed up.

Reserve Months Away – One of the ideal ways of making sure you get the service and rental you want is to reserve at least six months away. There are even companies that offer discounts for reserving early. Even if you don’t get a discount, you are safe from any price hike that might happen between your reservation dates to the day of your wedding.

Avoid Peak Seasons – As most people will be having their weddings in specific months of the year, most wedding services and venues will increase their prices. By avoiding the busy season, you not only avoid the other wedding crowds in their celebrations, you also get slightly lower offerings from wedding providers and locations.

Getting is already considered a dream come true to many. Knowing that your big day will be soon should encourage you even more to stay within your means. After all, your special day shouldn’t stress you out due to the expenditures that you could’ve minimized.

Wedding Planning Hacks You Should be Doing

Wedding Planning in SingaporePlanning for your wedding can be a hassle, but if you know a couple of tips and tricks, you’ll find the whole process fun.

So finalize your guest list, get your barcode scanners for your wedding registry ready, and make working with your partner for your big day more awesome than ever. Here are some hassle-free and cheap wedding planning hacks you should try:

Invite few guests

This will save you from so much hassle. For one, if you include only you and your partner’s family and closest friends in the guest list, expect that things will be much easier to organize. For instance, you won’t trouble yourself with the seating arrangement—who will sit in which table—since the fewer guests you have, the easier it will be for you to assign their seats.

Another advantage of having few guests in your wedding? Less expenses on food, obviously.

Keep kids busy

When it comes to your guests, you have to consider those bringing their kids along. If you have children in your guest list, do think of activities for them during the ceremony. That way, they won’t get bored in an adult’s event.

One way of keeping them entertained is to provide print outs of coloring pads on tables. Don’t forget to leave tubs of crayons as well!

The simpler the dress, the better

For the brides-to-be, selecting your dress is a major factor in wedding planning. Most of you may already have a dress in mind—but if you need to stay within your budget, you might want to consider other options.

One thing you could do is to browse dresses online or in RTW retail stores, and then have them altered to your liking by a seamstress. Doing so is much cheaper than getting a gown customized by a designer.

Think outside the box and be creative when planning. The sky’s the limit to organizing such an important event in your life, after all.

3 Tips to Plan Your Colorado Country Wedding

Country Wedding in Colorado

Country Wedding in ColoradoIf you’ve chosen Colorado as your wedding place then you’ve picked one of the most romantic spots in America. The rolling emerald mountains, crystalline sky, and cool breeze help build up that ambience perfect for couples. This landlocked state takes pride in its beautiful landforms: from the majestic mountain ranges on the west to the rivers and ranches in the east. 

Depending on your desired theme, Colorado has a variety of venues and services that can help you out. And as you plan for your wedding, take note of these simple tips from Abby Sparks before you head to this Columbine state.

Pick Your Location

Colorado is very diverse State in terms of its geography. The snow-covered peaks of the Elk Mountains near Aspen are a perfect spot for a Swiss-inspired wedding. The quaint charm of Aspen itself makes it a wonderful getaway for lovers who want some cool times together. Other popular wedding escapes are Beaver Creek and Vail Valley which are near the capital of Denver. Most areas in the west and north will give you that European climate and vibe. As you move down south to Pueblo, the weather becomes more humid, making it a perfect venue for ranch and country club weddings.

Get a Good Photographer

Because you are investing on a wonderful wedding location, your moments need to be captured beautifully in photographs. Colorado’s landscapes are a perfect backdrop for any wedding pictorial. You don’t have to get a top professional to document your special event. But do get someone who does landscape photography. What you want is someone who can frame your special moments within Colorado’s natural backgrounds.

Find the Perfect Wedding Band

No wedding is ever complete without the rings to tie you both for eternity. Of course, it can be a Harry Winston but more and more couples opt for more personalized wedding bands. If you’ve already imagined the kind of rings you’d want, then you can find gorgeous handmade wedding rings in Denver. You can have the designs customized, have your names engraved or have an expert help you design one.

Keep these tips in mind and try not to plan too much. Sometimes the magical moments happen unexpectedly, especially when they happen in Colorado.