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Get ‘Bored’ in Lorne, the Spectacular Seaside Town of Victoria

Great Ocean Road in VictoriaYou’ve probably heard of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. It’s a popular tourist route especially during the holiday season. One place on this route, right about the Erskine River, is a seaside town on Louttit Bay: the town of Lorne.

Lorne in History

Named after the Marquess of Lorne from Argyleshire in Scotland upon marrying Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise in 1871, the town received homage from Rudyard Kipling when it inspired him to write the poem Flowers:

“But my hot-wood clematis,
Buy a frond of fern,
Gathered where the Erskine leaps,
Down the road to Lorne.”

Lorne & Its Relationship with Water

Tourists from all around the world visit this seaside town today to enjoy different beach activities, including surfing and swimming. Fishing enthusiasts come here for the barracuda, trevally and whiting. Google the place and you will no doubt find photos of a lovely, serene natural waterfall, the Erskine Falls; for this is where the mouth of the Erskine River is located.

The Falls Festival on New Year’s Eve attracts thousands of tourists to share the festivities with the locals. After that, on the first weekend of January, Lorne hosts the 1.2-kilometre Pier to Pub swim. This event holds the Guinness World Record for being the largest organised ocean swim worldwide. As many as 4,000 people join this competition. So you can only imagine how much preparation the town does for it – from Lorne food to accommodations and other tourism-related pursuits, says Chopstix.

Other Lorne Attractions

You can take a break from all the water-related activities in this town. Join the Great Ocean Walk, for example. Victoria’s breath-taking west coast is 104 kilometres of sand, sea, grass and fresh air. It’s like a scene from a painting each time you take a moment to watch.

Of course, you can’t go home without a few souvenirs to add to the hundreds of Instagram photos you are bound to post. Flying Fishes, Beachouse Gifts and many other shops will be glad to serve you with remembrances of Lorne.

Take a break from the boredom and have a blast in Lorne. Or take a break from the fast-paced city life and get ‘bored’ here, a wonderful seaside location that’s a grand example of the perfection of nature and culture.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Airline

Airlines in PerthYou may have chosen an airline before because it’s the only one offering discount for your scheduled flight. However, the price isn’t the only consideration when choosing an airline. There are other things to think about.

You received word from your supervisor that you will be going to another country, and since you have recently opened the morning news to which a lot of crazy airline-related stuff was reported, you lost the enthusiasm to go. Now you start wondering if there is something better than the best airline out there. The key here is knowing what to look for in an airline.

Number of Years in the Industry

One sign of a good airline is possessing the ability to stay alive in the industry. Remember that the airline industry is competitive and any company must prove its worth to keep its throng of patrons. If the airline has been in business for years, then that airline could be a good choice.


An airline that could give you the optimum level of convenience leads the pack. Convenience may be subjective, but you can look at it in several ways. The airline must have multiple routes. It should also allow you to make reservations and cancel one with ease. In addition, it must have the right support team to answer questions, and one that will give you a worry-free flight.

Price and Discounts

Although most of the time price is the first consideration of many passengers, this must not be made the only barometer in choosing an airline. The price of an airline ticket must compare with the service and the degree of convenience you will enjoy. Good customer service draws people towards a particular airline. This just means that they treat their passengers well.

Least Bit of Mishaps

While news pertaining to airline mishaps may not do a lot of good prior to flying, it will still be wise to take careful note of them. This will give you an idea as to what airlines have an almost impeccable record when it comes to safety. This also means that they choose precision engineering in Perth when it comes to the maintenance of their airplanes, which is a truly good thing, according to Engineered Precision Machining.

Baggage Efficiency

Ever heard of lost or stolen baggage? If the airline you are considering had been under fire because of a lot of reports of lost or stolen baggage, then better set your sights elsewhere. You surely don’t want to find yourself in Australia but your baggage is still somewhere in New Zealand. With a bad reputation as that, you are putting yourself at risk of jeopardising your entire flight.

By deriving information pertaining to the airline’s number of years in the industry, the convenience it offers passengers, the price, whether it employs precision engineering in Perth to avert mishaps, and its baggage handling, you will surely pinpoint the right airline. Enjoying a worry-free flight from a carefully-chosen airline may be the best experience you’ll have while flying.

Stepping On Sacred Soil: 3 Amazing Destinations in The Holy Land

JerusalemPrilgrimages are a great way for believers to lift their spirits, meet people who share the same faith, and experience amazing historical destinations. So if you want to discover places that have been mentioned in the Bible, or follow in the footsteps of Jesus, going to the Holy Land is great.   

Before signing up for any of the LDS Holy Land tours available, here are three of the most recommended areas to take note of. 


The vibrant capital of Israel, Jerusalem is one of the main lands where tourists can immerse themselves in the culture, history, and stories behind the Holy Land. The usual destinations that travelers go to include Temple Mount, the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, Jerusalem’s Old City, and the City of David. 


Following a tour of Jerusalem, Jordan is a favorite stop for most LDS Holy Land tours. It’s conveniently close to Israel; you can get there from Jericho via the Dead Sea. Part of the tour takes participants through Mount Nebo, where stories of Moses abound. This is the site where Moses was able to get a glimpse of the Promised Land and the rumors of him being buried at Mount Nebo, so the location is definitely rich in Biblical insights. 

Within the area are the rock formation and the canyons that make up the picturesque area of Wadi Rum. The site can be accessed via a jeep drive, while tourists can stay the night in tented camps for rest.


The ancient city of Capernaum is another place that’s prominently mentioned in the Bible. Today, it’s an archeological site lovingly preserved for its history and architecture. There is also the ruins of the Ancient Synagogue in Capernaum that is commonly visited during the tours. History states that the ruins were built as early as the 1st century AD, where the story of the Roman officer who had an ill servant and had turned to Jesus for healing.

Many of these areas are historic places in the Bible, and good Holy Land tours are a great way to visit them. 

When You Just Want to Get Away: Affordable Flights for a Short Vacation

Flight Vacation

Flight VacationSouth Bend, Indiana is a great place to live, work, and study. Decent places are affordable for residence, and there is a good mix of entertainment, industry, and education, of course. The University of Notre Dame may be the most famous landmark, but it is not the only attraction of this county seat. But, sometimes, you just want a change of scene, and you want more than to drive over to Lake Michigan. This is where cheap flights from South Bend, Indiana can come in handy. Here are three places you might want to visit in the near future.

Las Vegas

The name says it all. The glittering lights, excitement, and vaguely dark atmosphere of Las Vegas at night are polar opposites from South Bend. Even if you are not into gambling, the entertainment circuit is extensive and slightly risqué, which makes it all the more attractive. You may not want to live in Vegas, but it is a great place for an adventure.


Tomorrow is another day, but it cannot hurt to head down to Atlanta soon, especially if you are a history buff, have kids, or both. Down in the heart of the South, you can find George Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola, and the Children’s Museum Atlanta, all within walking distance from the Centennial Olympic Park. You can also go on a Black History tour or simply go to the Atlanta History Center. You may not find a Scarlett there, but you will surely feel how it was back in the day.


Chicago is a mix of the traditional and controversial. With a City Pass, you can go to the Shedd Aquarium, Museum of Science and Industry, and/or the Art Institute in Chicago, whatever your fancy is. If you want a great view of the city, you can go to the Skydeck at the peak of the Willis Tower, which is the tallest building in the Western hemisphere.  The city also offers a robust menu for the LGBT crowd.