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The Development of Social Media: More Personal, More Engaging

Social Media Engagement in MelbourneSocial media have been around for a long time, but it is only recently that businesses around the world have been learning to leverage their importance in fine-tuning their marketing efforts to reach their niche. This year has been a great year for social media for businesses, because the power trio of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are facing some competition from players like Snapchat and Instagram, pushing the leading platforms to further improve their services.

Growth of Facebook

Facebook is still the undisputed leader of social media in most parts of the globe, Livelongdigital.com.au explains. The average age of its users is 40, which means these users have spending power. It owns Instagram, so it actually welcomes the competition from the photo blogging network. Just this year, Facebook launched its Facebook Live feature, which allows users to make live videos available for streaming by their followers, with the option to save the video after the live session. To make it more business-friendly, Facebook also launched its Messenger for Business, a communication channel that serves a customer service function.

Buy button integration

For social media companies, the primary way to make money is to use advertising, usually as part of the user interface or a user’s newsfeed. Ads are typically decided by an algorithm that does its best to customise every user’s feed according to their preferences as evidenced by their click behaviour. Now, businesses are adding a buy button on their ads, with an integrated pushcart function. From regular followers, users can become real customers when they decide to buy using that button.

More diversity in interaction

Interaction these days is not limited to what Facebook or LinkedIn can offer. Instagram recently introduced Stories and Snapchat offers a way for users to share short videos that expire upon viewing. What this shows is how customers demand that their apps and social cater to their more personal needs, and businesses are keeping up.

To make your social media more useful for customers, thereby keeping them engaged, it is important that your accounts are constantly updated and monitored. Customers expect interaction and answers to their questions. Without the support of a digital agency, it will be more difficult for you to do this personally, so work with your partner agency to make your social networking platforms more engaging.

These recent developments in social media are developing further to make the user experience more personalised and useful. Quality content is important, but what matters more to customers is quality connected with relevance. The more personal the experience gets, the more interesting it becomes to users.

When Social Media Becomes Your Deadliest Weapon

Social Media in UtahTo strike a successful balance between social media, organic search, and content, it’s time to coordinate between channels. The secret is simple: you can’t maintain good traffic without good content and search practices on social media.

So how do you work things to your favor? Here are some insights from content and search efforts to improve your organic reach on social media.

Game, Set, Content-Keyword Match

Conceptmrk.com, an advertising expert, says creating good content is never enough. Unless you know which of your written works drive the most organic traffic, your efforts will go to waste.

For each of your top content, determine the keywords or phrases people use to seek solutions. Remember, search engines look at keywords and content as an inseparable tandem — and so do your readers. Make it work to your advantage by using said phrases in your posts on social media. For example, use a hashtag to capture their attention.

Mirror the Audience

It pays to update social and content engagement, especially when trends change. Beyond looking for new ideas, keep up with the language changes of your audiences over time.

Popular keywords and phrases will eventually go out of style. If you’re not updated, your audience will consider you irrelevant. A sudden keyword drop makes all the difference in the world. Don’t just abandon it; update your content according to that shift.

When you speak their language, audiences will think of you as an effective conversationalist, which results in more conversions.

Variety Helps

You don’t have to post just text on Twitter. Social media is too wide to just abide by the established norms.

There are numerous ways to use different forms of content across various social media platforms. If a certain topic or keyword trends, create content in different formats and mix and match. Don’t just settle with one format — experiment.

If you haven’t considered using content to extend your social media reach, today is the day. Share data and efforts to continue creating high ranking posts.