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Encourage Children to Have Fun with Outdoor Play Equipment Ideas

Outdoor Play Equipment IdeasOutdoor playtime lets children engage in both moderate and strenuous physical activities like balancing, jumping, running, skipping, climbing and many more. Although outdoor play equipment can make activities more enjoyable, there are ways to make the most out of the equipment. Parents may opt to further enhance the existing play equipment with these best-practice design ideas.

Add Play Elements

Add dimension to traditional play equipment such as climbers, slides and swings, with permanent natural and artificial objects. Large logs and smooth rocks encourage climbing opportunities and add hiding places for hide-and-seek. Balance logs and beams promote balance and support imaginative play. Sandboxes and/or sand/water tables develop spatial reasoning and offer opportunities for raking and digging. Finally, cones, wheeled toys, toy garden tools, blocks and other similar materials facilitate imaginative play and encourage the construction of a kid-imagined obstacle course. There is no limit to the number of objects one can add.

Consider the Terrain

When setting up the play equipment, it is best to do so in a bigger, more open grass area. This encourages kids to start informal group games like tag. Terrain with features like mounds, slopes and rolling landscapes let children actively leapfrog, roll, run up and down, explore and slide on their own. In case the location limits the space, consider other larger areas .Offer Shade

Play equipment tend to get hot during the summer. So, it’s best to choose an area with shade from planted trees. Another good example that provides attractive shade is a pergola covered by climbing plants. Alternatively, shade sails such as pale, translucent fabric can act as effective shading devices. 

Provide Accessibility

Play equipment should be inclusive and cater to everyone, even to children with disabilities. Thus, it is best to install handholds and railings in the play area. For those in wheelchairs, one can opt to elevate manipulative play elements like sand and water above the ground.

These ideas can turn ordinary play equipment into a mini-carnival attraction for the kids. An upgraded playing experience is not only fun for the kids but also fortifies physical and mental well-being.

Outdoor Play is the Way to Make Your Child as Happy and Healthy as He can be

Outdoor PlayChildren are so naturally cute, it’s easy to think all of them are going to grow as happy as they can be. One quick look at obesity rates among kids, however, should be enough to douse such wishful thinking. If left to their own device, many of Australia’s kids may suffer from the onslaught of dreaded degenerative diseases when they reach adulthood.

Moduplay says with an outdoor play equipment, you could start your child right – building his body while at the same time enhancing his mental and social skills.

Scary StatisticsUndeniably, Australia is wrestling a ‘fat-problem’.

The Land Down Under has seen the rise of obesity rates as the consumption of junk foods has increased.

Unlike adults, youngsters can hardly decide for themselves. With 1 in every 4 Australian children considered either overweight or obese, it’s really alarming.

Being overweight or obese has been considered as the second highest contributor to the cause of heart problems and other degenerative diseases (e.g., cancer). Bad dietary decisions are the first.

Total Development for Your Child

Firstly, the right equipment promotes needed exercise for kids. Slides, for instance, provide the legs with the structure to climb upon and exercise in the process. Moreover, bars get those arms and shoulders stretched. In doing so, children get a healthy dose of good-for-the-heart, cardiovascular exercise – something a lot more rewarding than watching TV.

Secondly, being at a playground with dependable play equipment gets children to be in the presence of one another. As your child enjoy playing, he sharpens his social skills – learning to contribute to a group in particular and society in general.

Even better, playing outdoor helps instil confidence in your 4-year-old as he navigates his way through a maze of well-devised play equipment.

When you make it a point to bring him outdoors to play, you prioritise the overall development of your child – not to mention make him as happy as he can be.

That’s the beauty of the right play equipment.