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Building to Last: Best Materials to Use

Plantation Shutters

A house is built to last. The materials you use to build your house determine its life. Here are the best materials to use from roof to floor, for windows and doors.


Going by the research statistics by the National Association of Home Builders, under normal weather conditions, most roofing products are designed to last several decades.

Statistics by this same association say that clay, slate, and concrete have a life expectancy of 100 years or more.  Metal roofing ranks second with a life expectancy of between 40 to 80 years. Asphalt shingles come third with a life expectancy of about 20 years, but high-quality ones can go for up to 50 years.


Although there is no substitute for the warmth of wood, ceramic or porcelain tile is the durability champ. Despite the fact that this floor is virtually resistant to most elements, the fillings surrounding are usually impervious, which means you shouldn’t use acidic products to clean this type.  Different rooms in the house have different flooring needs. You can decide to install wood in your sitting room and ceramic in the kitchen.


Among the other window treatments, Plantation shutters are becoming popular because of two inarguable qualities: their versatility and practicality. You can use them in the kitchen, living room and practically anywhere else in the house, notes an expert from The Timbershades Group.

Besides, they provide privacy and insulate your house from heat.  Since they come in different sizes and materials, as you shop for plantation shutters in Melbourne, compare the prices, look at the sizes and go for the most durable material.


Wood still stands as the number one option both in longevity and aesthetics. With good maintenance, you can be sure to have a door that last decades. To protect wood from inclement weather, either laminate or apply high-quality lacquer. For wooden doors, the finishing process dictates longevity.

Fibreglass and steel doors are other durable options. Fibreglass doors mimic defined grain of authentic door. They come in different colours and offer the lowest maintenance. Steel doors, on the other hand, are the most durable but prone to rust if improperly primed or painted.

The best always comes at a higher cost. If you pay the price, then expect to enjoy the rewards for a long time.


How Industrial Workplaces Benefit from Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete Floor Coatings

Concrete Floor CoatingsConcrete floors are highly durable, and have been used in both homes and workplaces across the country for many years. However, it is essential for them to be coated for further protection. This is especially true in industrial settings, where there are strict safety regulations and standards that must be followed.

What are the advantages of using concrete floor coatings? Once you have applied a high quality coating, you will see an impressive difference.

Easier Cleaning

Every good workplace considers cleanliness as one of its highest priorities. Dust, dirt, and random clutter can get in the way of productivity, while also being a safety hazard. A coated concrete floor is much easier to clean, and the process takes considerably less time than average.

Superior Durability

Floors have to be strong in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings. With all of the foot traffic and heavy loads that the concrete must endure, floor damage is a very real risk. To minimise wear, a good coating is essential. It will ensure that the floor stays in good condition for years to come. Many kinds even boast some measure of fire resistance.

Accident Prevention

Slipping in some workplaces can easily result in serious injury or even death, especially during busier hours. This not only affects employee morale and productivity, the resulting workplace lawsuit can cost the company a huge amount of money. Thankfully, industrial floor coatings have anti-slipping properties that greatly reduce this risk.

Better Health

As mentioned earlier, a coated floor is easier to keep clean. This is especially important in bigger workplaces, where the sizable floor area can be hard to maintain at times. Dirt resistant coating means that employees will get sick less often, as they have a much healthier working environment.

For any workplace to stay safe and productive, a good floor coating is often essential. Make sure that before any operations take place, you have applied a layer to your concrete floor. It is well worth the cost and effort.