Health and Fitness

Fun Dental Hygiene Habits for the Little Ones

July 26, 2017

Help your little ones maintain bright and healthy smiles by turning the same old dental hygiene routine into a fun activity. Apart from using dental sealants which says prevent tooth damage, practicing certain habits […]

Health and Fitness

Foods You Didn’t Know Were Damaging Your Teeth

June 10, 2016

Some people say you are what you eat, and at some point, this may seem apparent in your teeth. Sugary snacks and acidic beverages are the top causes of teeth problems. As these elements attack […]


Children Are Losing their Teeth at an Alarming Rate

April 19, 2016

Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are temporary teeth that serve as placeholders until the permanent teeth grow in. They serve an important function in allowing the teeth to grow straight. Unfortunately, new statistics show that […]

Dental Ethics

The Principle of Patient Autonomy in Dental Ethics

November 26, 2015

The dentist’s responsibility of informing the patient of contemporary levels of oral health and risks that could be experienced, should the patient refuse treatment, is paramount. Usually, many patients do not understand how much information […]

Dental Implant

The Many Benefits of Dental Implant

October 6, 2015

Everyone deserves to have a lovely smile. It is a good thing that there is a procedure called a dental implant. Whatever the issue with your teeth is, you can bring back your lovely smile […]