Sex After Marriage: How to Keep It Exciting

MarriedMarried couples, especially those who have children, may find it hard to maintain their intimacy with each other. Although some consider this as just a normal problem, it may eventually hurt your relationship and marriage. Sex is an important part of marriage. To keep the flame burning, here are some things you can try to make time for sex no matter how busy you both can be.

Make a Date

Scheduling when you’ll have sex may sound so bad just years ago when you were still dating, but in a marriage, it sometimes becomes a necessity. Your work schedules and other commitments may be different, so it’s important to just set a date for sex. Experts recommend having intimate time as a couple for at least twice a week. However, if your schedules don’t permit this, you can just start with once a month until you make a habit out of it.

Build Anticipation

Foreplay doesn’t have to start in the bedroom. Sending sweet and naughty messages (not pictures) can heighten your sexual desires for each other. Personal touch is also important. Leave a love note next to your spouse’s car keys, or just simply whisper how great he or she looks can get the excitement up.

Ask for Professional Help

You don’t have to be ashamed if you need to consult a sex therapist to help get your groove back. These experts know how to get to the root cause of your intimacy problems and find excellent solutions that both of you could do.

Look Back

After a steamy night, it wouldn’t hurt if you tell each other what you enjoyed the most. This will create even more intimacy and happiness in your relationship. By doing this, you can look forward to your next date. Next thing you know, you’re doing it with spontaneity again.

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